PetroSight allows for operators and consulting firms to set a company logo to be included on PDF and other exported reports. 


PetroSight uses logos that are approximately 90 by 50 pixels in dimension. Please ensure that the logo you're using conforms to these dimensions in order to have the best possible result.

Setting the Logo

  1. Login To PetroSight

    As a company administrator login to PetroSight to configure your company logo.

  2. Company Profile

    Select Company Profile from the Company menu at the top of the page.

  3. Select Image

    On the Company Profile page, click Choose File under PDF Logo

  4. Save

    Finally, click the SAVE button to update your logo.

Your logo will now render on the top right hand corner of all exported PDF reports for locations that you own. You can follow the above steps to update your logo at any time.